Radical Pole Founder Chris Nawojczyk posing on fitness pole wearing black thong with long brunette hair.

My Story

The Radical Pole brand was created by pole fitness, yoga athlete and entrepreneur Chris Nawoichik. He formed this company based on the principles of excellence and individual self-expression in pole dance, yoga and holistic health. Everything that is featured or sold here serves the purpose to improve the quality of life for all who come, and to encourage each person to master his or her own potential in order to be the truest and highest version of his or her unique self.

We sell high quality products in the aerial fitness, yoga and swimwear sectors to meet your consumer needs and enhance your livelihood. Only the best products are offered here—the kinds that only Chris will use himself!

In addition, Chris enjoys creating content by sharing his journey in pole fitness, yoga and holistic wellness on our blog. Make a visit, gain more knowledge and be inspired!

Athletic woman pole dancing on the beach with red smoke grenade.

Radical Pole Blog

In addition to selling the products I care about, I enjoy sharing my fitness and health journey by spreading content online. Through featuring my pole fitness, yoga, and plant based diet with the world I aim to inspire, educate and entertain anyone with a passion for life and a hunger for improvement. Radical Pole Blog is the place where it all happens. Maximum performance, baby! Check it out.

Why I Made This Company

I am a unique individual (sort of an oxymoron). Yes, but really; my aim is to create a company that exudes my values and principles in life. I am a strong advocate of authenticity and being the best that one can be. Because I have such a conviction on the holistic aspect of how body, mind and spirit work, I feel that proper nutrition, physical fitness and lifestyle routines are essential for contentment and satisfaction in overall life.

I also believe that everything we do is integral, meaning that the state of my body affects the condition of my mind, and vise versa. Thus the quality of food I put in to my body has a powerful effect on the other areas of my experience. Spirituality can be defined, but not limited to, being self-aware to the fullest extent about yourself, your surroundings, other people and the greater world around you. Having all things function in synch cultivates peace, productivity, contentment and even happiness.

Further, Radical Pole is a brand that stems from my parent company, Cosmolumen Capital, which focuses on the broader picture of entrepreneurial ventures, investing, and leadership development.

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